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Tips to avoid the duplicate content issues

Today, the internet becomes a part in the people’s life and everyone has started to use it for various purposes. Normally people prefer the online sources to get to know the things about which they are not aware of. Whenever they are visiting a site, it must have the content that they are looking otherwise they will go to another site. Therefore the content is the most important thing for a website and it must be unique and original. Based on the content only, the search engines will prefer the sites and this is the main reason why the seo professionals are concentrating on the content development first.

What is a duplicate content?

The duplicate content can be defined as the content which is present in different websites. When the same content is present in multiple places, the search engine is not able to find the content which is related with the keyword given in the search. In such situation, it will analyse those websites which are having the same content and it will determine the best one that looks like the original. Hence it will show that website in its search results and the one will not be preferred. Likewise the duplicate content will spoil the website preference severely. The issues will not only happen if a website developer copies content from another website. The duplicate content issues will also occur if someone else copies the content from the original site. Therefore it has to be considered more importantly to avoid the problems in getting search engine rank.

How to avoid duplicate content?

To avoid this issue, the content developer must be cautious while writing the content and he has to implement unique information to his content. As there are many online tools are available he can use those tools and avoid the duplicate contents easily. Some of the following methods will be very helpful in avoiding the issues that are happening due to the inclusion of duplicate content in the website.

Adding 301 redirect:

This is one of the common practices which are performed by the seo professionals to avoid the duplicate content issue. The website person can create a 301 redirect from the another page which duplicates the content from the original site. This will create a relevancy on the particular content searched by the people and hence website can get the higher rank in the search results.

Using rel=canonical tag:

This is an effective way to avoid duplicate content issue. This will also works similar to the 301 redirect and increase the ranking ability of a website in a short period of time. By adding this tag, the search engine will treat the website as the copy of the original website.

Implementing noindex, follow:

These tags can be implemented in the duplicate pages which should not be displayed on the search engine results. By adding this Meta robots label, the search engine will analyse the links on the particular website but it will not show that in the results. This will also be effective on the pagination issues.